Kenmore Mercy Hospital Master Plan

This project in conjunction with the Catholic Health System of Buffalo, New York was designed to be a flexible and living Facility Master Plan for Kenmore Mercy Hospital located in Kenmore, New York. The 24-acre campus is located in an older urban area of Kenmore and includes a 184-bed Hospital, an oncology center, a family practice building, a long-term senior care facility, and an outpatient rehabilitation center.
Integral to the development of the master plan was the analysis and identification of the potential impact New York’s statewide initiative to restructure healthcare services in New york may have on the Kenmore Mercy Campus. Key areas of focus included existing and newly developing service lines at the Hospital where substantial shifts in patient volumes could be realized in a positive direction.
Utilizing a comprehensive planning approach, key facility concerns that needed to be addressed where identified and developed into options. The viability of these options where analyzed by the planning team, including administration and staff, and the related time frames and approximate construction costs to implement each potential option where presented.
With the completed plan, Kenmore Mercy’s leadership stands ready to implement key strategies to remain a leader in providing health care to Catholic Health and its surrounding communities.

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