Planning Services

va5Crestuk Architecture’s approach to planning and development focuses on assisting organizations in making development choices that seek equitable relationships between economic, social, cultural and environmental issues. Sustainable organizations can be defined as those that have taken steps to remain healthy over the long term. They are characterized by:

  • A strong sense of place
  • A vision that is embraced and actively promoted by all
  • A place that builds on its assets
  • Dares to be innovative

When organizations use their resources efficiently. They actively seek to enhance their economic stability and a pervasive spirit emerges which helps to ensure positive results. Partnership across government, business and non-profit organizational lines are common. Open debate is engaging, inclusive and constructive. Unlike other traditional development approaches, sustainability strategies emphasize:

  • The whole community rather than its parts
  • Ecosystem concern and protection
  • Meaningful, broad-based participation
  • Economic self-reliance

Crestuk Architecture provides organizations with the planning, development, and support services necessary to build a better sustainable development approach. Our services include:


Before you commit to a project, we will commit our professional resources to a thorough evaluation of your proposed project. Is the location right? Are the demographics workable? Is there significant competition to consider? Our initial assessment and market analyses will supply the answers. Then we’ll work with you to shape your project and help ensure its success.

    • Master Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Market Studies
    • Feasibility Analysis
    • Regulatory Assessment
    • Environmental-SEQR

Project Development

Starting with site selection, we will aid in all phases of real estate development. We’ll obtain the zoning, environmental and site plan approvals necessary to move your project forward. We’ll also help secure access to utilities and services. We’ll assemble an architectural and engineering design team to create buildings that strike the best balance between function, aesthetics and budget.

      • Site Selection
      • Project Management
      • Strategic Alliance
      • Governmental Affairs

Resource Management

Nothing is more essential to your project’s success than enlightened decision-making and regulatory compliance, and no one facilitates the process like Crestuk Architecture. Using financial models designed specifically for your project, we’ll work with you to identify the right sources for the project, including tax credit programs, lenders, selecting the right plan and securing the most advantageous program.

At Crestuk Architecture, our primary goal is to help you meet your mission objectives and guide you toward making the best possible decisions. We pride ourselves on being good listeners from start to finish: to you, to the marketplace and to your clients. Everything we do at Crestuk Architecture revolves around making your project the absolute best it can be. In a business relationship built on trust and shared goals, your success becomes our legacy.